The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

Expand your world by following one of our excellent Dutch courses.


Since 2000 Tupkertaaltraining specialises in Dutch language trainings. For both native Dutch speakers as well as for those who not yet master this language.

We deliver customized trainings, no standard courses. Tupkertaaltraining encorporates your wishes, and focusses on your profession and learning objective. Whether you wish to learn Dutch for pleasure, your job or need Dutch for your civic integration, it is fun, challenging and exciting to learn a new language.


Tupkertaaltraining works with an internationally recognized standard for describing language levels, the Common European Framework of Reference. Because of this international standard you are sure of the language level of your training.

This level indication is always mentioned on your certificate.


Tupkertaaltraining has language courses for every level, from beginner to advanced. All our courses are compliant with the European Reference Framework.

Our exam trainings prepare you for the different levels of state exams. In this course we use the teaching method ‘Vooruit!’

In this course you will practise the five parts of the exam; reading, listening, writing, speaking and  KNM. In our lessons you will do test exams and we will teach grammar to speak and write correct sentences.







State Exam NT2-1

This course is for everyone who has a B1 level of Dutch. Upon completing the course you will have reached the Dutch B1 level. After this you can register for the Staatsexamen NT2-I course. Another option is to continue doing an advanced level training (level B2).

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Thank you Marijke , you have helped in more ways than simply enriching our basic knowledge.

Preeti Mohanta

Marijke, thank you very much for your personal attention, thank you for your help in the class, outside of class and even at 00:00.

Sashka Dashkevych

U bent de beste docent. Leren was zo leuk bij Tupkertaal!

Sudhanshu Sawlani

I dedicate my success to you because of the way you taught me,the way you guided me through the period.I still remember sending you multiple Whatsapp messages during odd hours and you helping me out with great detail and patience.

Krishanu Roy

Dankjewel voor de hele interessante lessen. Mijn Nederlands is erg verbeterd 🙂

Adham ElNawawy

Thank you very much for your effort with us during the course. With your help, I managed to pass all the integration exams with good scores.

Mohammad Eltayeb

I really recommend a course with Marijke Tupker Tupkertaaltraining if you are looking to learn dutch. She is a very supportive and excellent teacher.

Anshuman Pandey

Amazing teacher & excellent class!  Thank you for all your efforts!

Lobna Ali