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Corporate training

Tupkertaaltraining also provides incompany trainings, tailored to the company’s wishes.

These trainings can be basic trainings for employees to express themselves in Dutch. Other trainings like improving writing and speaking skills belong to our possiblities. Duration and frequency depends on your company’s wishes.



Marijke Tupker


Marijke Tupker is founder of Tupkertaaltraining and has over twenty years experience as a Dutch language teacher. She is a native Dutch speaker with a strong command of English and Italian, Marijke has specialized in language training for both native and non-native speakers since 2000. Marijke has taught a wide variety of students, from beginners to advanced learners, and has worked with students from all kinds of backgrounds and from all over the world. Her lessons are professional and structured, but she greatly enjoys improvisation in class. She likes her lessons lively and interesting.

Over the years Marijke has mastered the ability to respond to her students’ individual needs. Marijke uses humorous exercises that attempt to incorporate the individual experiences of her students. In addition to the more conventional material, she uses a wide range of other sources that provide the students with more knowledge of Dutch culture, customs and society  such as books, movies and blogs. Marijke’s primary aim is to make sure her students are able to confidently communicate in Dutch.


I’m Erna Roerhorst, native Dutch speaker and born and raised in The Netherlands. I’ve been teaching English, French and Dutch for the past years. Besides my daily job as an experienced language trainer in secondary school I enjoy teaching Dutch to our students at Tupkertaaltraining. Aside from my experience in education I have also been employed as a consultant in many different companies.

I teach because it is fun and I love to see our students develop their language proficiency in Dutch each and every lesson. In our effective lessons time flies and students are eager to learn more and more. Our students take pleasure in learning from me but also from the other students. Our interactive lessons show fast results and encourage students to speak Dutch and understand our Dutch culture.

Hope to see you at Tupkertaaltraining, gezellig!


My name is Elly Lancker. I’m a trainer Dutch as a second language at Tupkertaaltraining. I love the diversity of my work since I meet so many different people from all over the world. Each person brings its own culture, stories, personality and background. We can learn so much from each other which always gives me energy to do this work. I am an enthusiastic teacher and I always try to create a motivated, hard working group in which we all feel as good as possible. This helps to achieve the most!

Before I became a teacher NT2, I took my academic Masters degree in Economics and worked at the University of Amsterdam as a student adviser, programme coordinator and coordinator of the selection procedure for BSc and MSc in Medicine.

I am married and I have 2 wonderful childeren. We live in a small village where in summer we hear frogs and owls.

I hope to meet you at Tupkertaaltraining!


My name is Mandy de Waal. I grew up in De Kwakel and now live with my cats Gijs and Boris in Kudelstaart.

After my master in Applied Language Sciences with a specialization in NT2 (VU Amsterdam), I started working at TU Delft and the University of Leiden. And from May 2020 at Tupker Language Training! I have also worked as a content writer at a publisher of online career orientation methods for high school.

It gives me great satisfaction to help people on their way in the Netherlands. I love language and like to get in touch with people from all over the world. In my lessons I find interaction and good energy important. Together we go for it, we have interesting conversations and we learn from (and about) each other!


Hi, my name is Stef Theunissen. I have studied German and Scandinavian languages at the universities of Amsterdam and Aarhus, Denmark. I am a certified Dutch teacher and I have Bachelor of Education for German. I have been teaching Dutch for speakers of other languages since 2005. Besides, I translate Scandinavian literature.

I have a big passion for languages. I wish I could learn all the languages in the world. I am studying Hungarian myself at the moment in order to be able to understand my in-laws better.

I like teaching foreigners a lot, because they make me see The Netherlands from a different perspective. Teaching motivating and interesting lessons is very important to me. I try to achieve this by using activating methods in my teaching, which encourage interaction as much as possible. I also find it important that everybody feels comfortable in my lessons.

I hope to see you soon!


My name is Marjon Roldaan. In everyday life I am a group 3 teacher at primary school. In addition I like to teach adults in order to get them acquainted with the Dutch language and culture at Tupkertaaltraining.

In the past I worked for an international hotel chain and  a large multinational company as an Executive Secretary. The main language at both companies was English which now is very useful at the training sessions.

Teaching and interaction are my main reasons to work enthusiastic with our students and get them to understand the Dutch language and culture.

Hope to see you soon at Tupkertaaltraining!

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